There are many different beard brushes in the market. The most important factors need to consider when we buy beard brush are:

  • Bristles materials
  • Handle materials and shape
  • Bristles cutting

Bristles Materials:

Too many different types of bristles used on beard, but I will tell some most popular types: Boar hair, Horse hair and Synthetic bristles(Nylon or PP used most).

  1. I think boar hair will be the most popular for beard brush because it has ability to retain oils naturally, this natural feature will allow for an even distribution of oils throughout your beard with each stroke. Will ensure that your skin and the entire shaft of your beard follicle will appear healthy and feel incredibly smooth. This will ultimately help to reduce the risk of both beard dandruff and beard itch.  No matter long or short beard, boar will be suitable and comb result great.
  2. Horse hair is soft and same with boar hair, also can retain oils, but not better than boar hair. Horse hair better for short beard because soft feature. The comb result will be not good if used on long beard.
  3. Synthetic bristles most attractive apoint is cheap, it can’t retain oils and will take more oils when clean, becasue the bristles too smooth to retain. So if you don’t have high requirements on beard comb and want cheap price, this one will be the best choice.

Horse hair Boar hair

So in total, boar hair are best and price is highest compared with horse hair and synthetic bristles: Boar hair>Horse Hair>synthetic bristles.

Handles materials and shape:

Plastic, wood and bamboo will be main materials used on handle. Wood and bamboo more expensive than plastic, because looks beautiful and high-end. Plastic handle looks like a cheaper product and indeed in fact.

There are long, round and oval handle shapes. Long one will be better for long beard and easy to control. Round one will be better for short beard and easy to take when travel. Oval one suitable for short and medium beard, you can take it too when travel. In total, round one least popular handles in the market.

OvalRound Long 

Bristles cutting:

The bristles can cut in flat and curved. Both choose based on your beard. If high density or long beard, curved will be much better, it can ensure distribution of oils and to style your beard. If short and low density, no need to use curved type, because it is more expensive than flat type.